How you can support us

You want to give us a hand in our warehouse in Flamatt? Or you enjoy good contacts to hospitals, medical suppliers or community homes which could be of interest to our Foundation? Below you will find information how you can concretely support us.

If you leave us your email address we will share 3 to 5 times per years an update of our latest activities (promised it won’t be more often as we would be too thinly staffed for that)

Financial donation

Our Foundation has only limited administrative overhead cost; we can guarantee that every Franc donated is used to fulfil our engagement. We don’t receive any economic benefit from our engagement.

Financially you can support us very easily thanks to the donation button on the right side of every page.

Otherwise you can transfer your donation directly to:


Raiffeisenbank Sensetal
IBAN-Nr.: CH67 8080 8009 4233 7633 5
Postkonto: 17-692-8
Clearing: 80905
A very warm thank you for your generosity!

Material donation

Hospitals, Chemists, retailers or private people donate material they don’t need anymore, but which is in perfect condition to our Foundation. For instance when a hospital changes the uniforms of its staff, or when a retailers needs to clear unsold items.

Material we look out for:

  • Hospital material like beds (incl. Electrical ones), blankets, wheelchairs, crutches etc.
  • School material and supplies like desks, pencils, notebooks, blackboards etc.
  • Bathroom installations, construction materials, tools etc.
  • Further material like toys, music instruments, cloths etc.


If you would like to donate us material we look forward to your message following this Link.



Most oft he work done by the Foundation is volunteer-based , as ist he support we receive from partner organisations which help us with the preparation oft he transports.

Among amny others, we are supported by:

  • Lions Club Sensetal
  • Burger King (Regional leadership Europe, Asia, Africa)
  • Parish Wünnewil-Flamatt
  • Schools Wünnewil-Flamatt (Social service by the schoolchildren)


Fondation Aide et Assistance

Andreas Jaross

Tel: 079 421 42 85